We work together with large Danish demolition and scrap companies

... such as Jatob ApS in Bjerringbro who are ISO 14001-certified.

Jatob meets the requirements of NMK 96, which means it fulfils the minimum environmental management requirements set for the industry at the very least. Jatob is also certified to international standard ISO 14001, which means that the company has not only committed to complying with legislative requirements governing the recycling of iron and metals, but also to striving constantly to go beyond what is required by environmental legislation.

Jatob takes the view that giving people and the environment as much consideration as possible during work carried out is in everyone’s interest, which is why the company has chosen to develop a ‘green strategy’ that will ensure the company focuses on environmental improvements in the following areas: – Environmentally sound receipt and handling of all items, in a way that ensures that no waste is produced and that seepage is avoided. – Optimisation of set procedures with which all employees are familiar

This is to ensure the correct environmental treatment. – Correct collection and disposal of rubbish, done by using approved carriers and treatment providers only. We would like to work within an economic framework that is sustainable for all parties, in which the most convenient option is to have external partners recover materials (e.g. remelting of metals).

Our environmental management system aims to, at the very least, meet the requirements set by environmental legislation, while also preventing pollution and contributing to an ecologically sustainable society by recycling as much as possible. We would also like to maintain a good relationship with our customers, suppliers, environmental authorities and neighbours.